10 Ukrainian Wives Tales About Finding Love.

Happy Valentines Day Y'all!

I wanted to take this time today to let you in on 10 Ukrainian Wives Tales or Superstitions about finding love. I had so much fun learning about these. I hope you enjoy them!

1) Christmas Eve and the Dogs

If a girl leaves her house on Christmas Eve and hears dogs barking, the direction of the barking is where her future husband is said to be.

2) Ivan Kupala (Іван Купала)


Girls make ornate wreaths out of flowers and vines. They head to the river and drop the wreaths in. As legend has it, the direction the wreath floats is the direction you will find your husband. Also where the wreath stops, is where you and your lover will meet.

3) Slips of Paper

On the eve of St. Andrews Day ( Early December) girls friends write the names of boys on slips of paper. The girl then slips them under her pillow and goes to sleep. When she wakes, the first thing she is to do is reach under her pillow and grab a slip of paper. The name written on the first paper she pulls out is the name of her husband to be.

4) Watch Where You Sit.

As old wives tales go, single ladies who sit on the corner of tables will never get married! So be careful where you sit.

5) Hiccups

It is said that you get the hiccups because someone is thinking of you. In order to stop them, you have to think of who that person is.

6) Ask a Stranger

Also on St. Andrews Day (December 13) girls go our and ask the first male they meet for their name. The name they say is the name of their future husband.

7) Funny Bone


It is said that if you hit your funny bone that instead of grabbing it to try and ease the pain that you are to think of the one you want to be thinking of you and it will stop the pain. However if instead you grab at your elbow, that person will never be thinking of you.

8) A Race to Marriage

A fun came girls can plan on St. Andrew's day is a race to cross the threshold. Girls start in the far corner of the room and line their shoes up one by one. The girl who's shoe is the first to cross the threshold will be the first of the group to get married.

9) First Bread

When cutting into a new loaf of bread, it is said that the girl who eats the first piece will have many suitors.

10) The Meaning of String.

If you find a piece of string on you it can tell you your whole future according to this superstition. The color of the string tells you the hair color of your future spouse. Light colored is blonde, red colored is red (obviously) and a dark color is brown haired. Then you take the string and wrap it around your pointer finger listing off a letter of the alphabet with each complete pass. The last letter you get to is the first letter of your future husband's name.

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