1000 Letter Project

Hello! And Welcome!

Curious what the 1000 letter project is? Well then you have come to the right place.

I will be serving in Ukraine for roughly 840 days. The Peace Corps is a pretty big undertaking and my mother ( rightly) anticipated I would get homesick and have down days. So she took it upon herself to ensure I had a letter to open from home every day of my service. So I wake up every morning. Have my quiet time, then open my card for the day. These have been such a huge moral boost to know that people back home are rooting for me.

Should you like to get involved by sending in a letter please forward them to the address below.

The 1000 Letter Project.

PO Box 27941,

Austin, TX 78755

Below are some of the cards I have received so far. They are all sorts of awesome. Some cards have stickers, some cards have coloring pages or newspaper clippings inside, some are bedazzled. The possibilities, and they joy they bring me are endless.