What I Eat in a Day | Peace Corps Ukraine | Summer

A quick video about what I typically eat in a day as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine.

I was really worried about the food before I came here. Anyone who knows me knows I am a horrible eater. I was exceptionally worried about food here because I knew a lot of it would be different.

I'm not going to lie, living with a host family, in regards to food, has been really challenging for me because I don't often really like what they make and have a hard time communication how bland I eat my food.

My first host family at my site (i've since switched) was never around so I got to cook my own meals which was great for me. (When this video was filmed)

Now I am in a new situation and am being cooked for again. Over all the two families who cooked for me have tried really really hard to accommodate me. But all in all that is part of the Peace Corps experience so you've got to take it all in stride.

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