Chernihiv in Pictures: A Stroll Through the Park.

So one of the words the my mouth has a REALLY hard time saying is the verb for to walk. They don't use this word for walking somewhere but they mean it in the sense that we mean stroll. The word is as follows .



Give it a go with the Latin letters while you enjoy pictures of these strange figures that are in basically all of the parks in Chernihiv.

I've also added captions ( which I preface with they won't be funny but deal with it)

"Man wears crocodile skirt"

"Wizard waiting for his drug test... which he knows he will fail"

"Cody the crocodile.. Just wants friends"

"Feel ashamed that while guarding the cannon they lost the rest of the ship"

"Man realizes skirt is alive"

"Baloo just droped the Jungle burn book"

"Updating the chicken dance"


"Something sure has gone to his head"

"This Trex has elephantiasis of the legs"

"I don't think this should be in a park"

"The chicken is clearly the leader and the others just feel privileged to be there"

"Don't be fooled he flirts with everyone"

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