Peace Corps Ukraine: Our Cultural Field Trip.

Saturday May 13, 2017 we boarded a double decker bus. The full windshield on the upper level allowed us to see just how many times we narrowly escaped a car crash. The bus ride to Kachanivka took about 2 and a half hours. We had a choice between going there to have a picnic or going to tour a local brewery. I would say from the bus rides alone that Kachanivka was the right choice. Below are some of the pictures of our adventure.

Also feel free to read what history is available on the "palace" here or here.

This lion has had about enough of guarding this house.

The house and the grounds were beautiful to look at. It brings a sadness to see something so beautiful crumbling. The experience was great and even though it was raining we all had a good time.

We spent the bus ride back belting out hits from all decades, and the evening that followed watching children preform on "Chernihiv: The Best" in the city square.

I can tell you right now it will be hard to leave these people.

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