Peace Corps Ukraine: Site Placement Announcement.

I'll tell you what, the nerves were palpable the morning of site placement. We all signed up for the Peace Corps basically saying here I am use me so I don't think the nerves were about where we would be placed ,so much so that it made all of this much more real.

Thankfully they didn't wait long into PST University to announce the sites. It was our first session on our first morning. We all gathered in the big hall and awaited our fates.

They started by announcing each region at a time. The regional managers would come up to the front and read off the names of each person in their region. The regions are broken up pretty weird so It didn't really tell us that much as you could be super west or super east but under the same regional manager. They had a map behind them with their region highlighted so you had a clue.

I am in region 8 which is the last region. As each regional manager came and went my heart started to beat a little faster. I was sure (which is totally illogical) that they were going to be like hey actually we decided we don't want you here.

Once each of us knew our regions they dismissed us to regional meetings with our new managers. In the back of the room was a map with all of our names and cities. That was the first time we knew where we would actual be, Oblast and city. As well as where our friends would be.

From there we split into our separate rooms with our regional managers. We were handed white envelopes which contained the name of our city, our organizations name and purpose, and our counterpart's information.

We learned about our travel arrangements (which this time were booked by the Peace Corps) and the amount of money we were to pay our host families. During our visits they are required to provide breakfast and dinner but we are on our own for lunch.

They stressed that these visits are a great way to feel out our communities and to figure out if this is a possibility for us for the next two years. As it was phrased this is our last chance to bow our gracefully.We haven't sworn in and it is totally okay to say you know what this is not what I thought it owuld be. I have a feeling at least person will ET ( early term) just as the odds go with a group our size but I really hope everyone can make it work and has an amazing service.

The whole rest of that day was an excited mix of everyone asking everyone about their service and their host families. I think I can speak for everyone in saying we are all really excited about this next step and even more excited to get taste of our sites!

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