FAQ: My Service and My New Country

FAQ About My Service

To what country are you going?


How long will you be there?

2 years and 3 months

Where in Ukraine will you be located?

We will be training for the first 3 months in the surrounding communities of Chernihiv.

During Pre-Service training we will found out our permanent site which will be somewhere on the western side of Ukraine.

Will there be other volunteers with you?

During training, we are broken up into clusters of 5 or so.

During our service, we could have another volunteer in our town or the closest one could be up to 2 hours away. The closest volunteer to you is also not always in your country.

What will you be doing? My official title is NGO advising volunteer which is a subsect of the Community Economic Development Track. I have linked the description below if you wish to read more about it. Click


Where do you live?

During Training we are placed with a host family. The Peace Corps has specific requirements for a room a volunteer stays in. This includes things like a lock or a heater.

After training, during my service I will also live with a host family. I must live with them for 6 months. After that time I can choose to continue to reside with a host family or seek my own apartment at the approval of the Peace Corps.

Is it safe?

Yes. The Peace Corps takes volunteer safety very seriously. We will be briefed on extraction procedures and the program will be pulled if conflict becomes to dangerous.

Do you have internet and phone access?

The Peace Corps sets us up with a phone plan once we arrive in country. That means that the phone number have had since 8th grade will no longer be active :(

Internet is not guaranteed ( which could mean a very short life for this blog) but can be found in a lot of places. It just depends on where you are.

How much luggage can you bring with you?

Click here to read my blog post detailing packing requirements.

FAQs Concerning Ukraine.

What is the capitol of Ukraine?

Kiev. You may here this pronounced as Key-ev or sometimes as Keev. You may also see it spelled Kyiv.

What side of the road do they drive on?

The right

What is the emergency code for Ukraine?


What is Ukraine's national currency?

Hryvnias. Which right now exchanges at 26.86 hryvnias to dollars.

How cold does it get in Ukraine?

The average winter temperature is around 32 degrees. However it can get down to -4 degrees. ( I don't know if I own enough coats for that)

How hot does it get in Ukraine?

The average high in the warmest months is around 75 but can in some inland areas get up to 95.

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